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Los Range 5 Watts Prc 152

los range 5 watts prc 152


Los Range 5 Watts Prc 152 --



















































Los Range 5 Watts Prc 152, oops in javascript pdf free



Bias Tee 1 lbsStandard Army handsets like the H-250 and other audio accessories are compatible and can be used with the radio to augment the built-in speaker/microphone, but are not provided with the radio.The AN/PRC-152(C) is often compared with the AN/PRC-148(V)(C) MBITR, a related handheld radioProtection is provided against reverse polarity, over temperature and antenna mismatchThis system is known as the AN/VRC-110 Dual Vehicle Adaptor, in which two AN/PRC-152 radios are fitted to a high-performance vehicular amplifier adaptorThe system includes integrated speaker support for the LS-671 speaker and VIC-1 and VIC-3 intercoms.The AN/VRC-110 configuration can also be used as a base station by adding an appropriate antenna and 24-volt power supplyThen click the Search buttonThe SATCOM antenna will support burst power levels of 10 watts to aid in seizing the SATCOM channelUse this Google web search form to get an up to date report of what's out there.For good results, try entering this: an/prc-150 or prc150The AN/PRC-152 has a full keypad and display, making control of the radio easyThe keypad/display/menu system is identical to that of the popular AN/PRC-117F manpack radio, which helps to simplify training.The AN/PRC-152 hardware is self-contained in a ruggedized case with dimensions: height 9.6 in (244mm), width 2.9 in (74mm), depth 1.7 in (43mm)The radio, as deployed, comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of powering the radio for eight hours of normal operations (with a 6:3:1 receive/standby/transmit ratio)The ABP-75WMBK has same form/size as the ABP-50WSK


FOR AN/PSC-5, AN/PSC-5D, MBMMR, AN/PRC-117F, AN/PRC-117G, AN/PRC-148 MBITR & JEM, AN/PRC-152, AN/LST-5D, AN/PRC-113, AN/URC-200, AN/PRC-119, SINCGARSHowever, reports from the field indicate a definite preference for the PRC-148 (MBITR) over the PRC-152 in actual use.The full model numbers for the first two versions of the AN/PRC-152 are: AN/PRC-152(V)1(C) assigned NSN 5820-01-554-953 and AN/PRC-152(V)2(C) assigned NSN 5820-01-554-7062.AN/VRC-110 Dual Vehicle Adaptor AN/VRC-110 consisting of twoAN/PRC-152s on a dualvehicular mount.Photo: Harris CorporationThe weather resistant amplifier kit can be located remotely near the antenna and powered via the coax cableAll rights reserved.The AN/PRC-152 is the Receiver/Transmitter component of a vehicular radio configuration with "jerk and run" capabilitiesSleep mode in standby RX reduces the current drain of the amplifierJTRS is a software defined radio based on the JTRS Software Communications Architecture (SCA)SearchCreateLog inSign upLog inSign upHome >> Electronics >> AN/PRC-152 What's New?Olive-Drab Directory Adv Search Search for Military Suppliers or Browse by Type and Name here: Surplus Firearms Vehicles Militaria Electronics Aviation Navy Books/Art/Photos Videos All Types"A" Names "B" Names "C" Names "D" Names "E" Names "F" Names "G" Names "H" Names "I" Names "J" Names "K" Names "L" Names "M" Names "N" Names "O" Names "P" Names "Q" Names "R" Names "S" Names "T" Names "U" Names "V" Names "W" Names "X" Names "Y" Names "Z" Names Copyright 1998-2017 by LLCSmall and lightweight, the ABP-10PA40 is a 50 Watts portable RF amplifier that covers the frequency band of 30-512 MHz for AN/PRC-148 MBITR & JEM and the AN/PRC-152 Handheld RadioBoth are considered Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) compliant75 Watts 30-512 MHz Multi-Band Power Amplifier Kit CLICK HEREFORSPECIFICATIONS Part Number: ABP-75WMBK - 75 Watts Power Amplifier Kit, Multi-Band Each Power Amplifier Kit includes a Control Bias-T unit, DC power cable, adaptersforces and those of allied countriesLow current on standby due to "sleep mode" greatly extends battery life in field useThe AN/PRC-152 was designed, developed, and produced to military standards as a Harris Corporation internally funded productProtection against accidental polarity reversal is also providedThe AN/PRC-152 also removes the communications barriers between civil agencies and military forces engaged in civil support missions by incorporating the Association of Public Safety Communications OfficialsProject 25 (APCO-P25) waveform into its software library100% w/fan cool RECEIVE SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATION ABP-75WMBK KIT FREQUENCY RANGE 30-512 MHz OUT OF BAND COMPRESSION PNT N/A OUT OF BAND REJECTION N/A GAIN 10 dB Typical NOISE FIGURE 3 dB MAX VSWR 1.5 : 1 TYPICAL GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATION ABP-75WMBK KIT DAMA PRC-148 MBITR & JEM, PSC-5, MBMMR, PRC-117F, PRC-152, LST-5D, PRC-119 SINCGARS BYPASS INSERTION LOSS (DC POWER OFF) 1.5 dB max REMOTE DISTANCE UP TO 300 FEET USING RG-214 SUPPLY VOLTAGE 24-32 VDC SUPPLY CURRENT 10 AMPS TYPICAL TX 0.5 AMPS TYPICAL RX PROTECTION VSWR AND TEMPERATURE ENVIRONMENTAL WEATHERPROOF OPERATING TEMPERATURE -20 TO +60C DIMENSIONS 6W x 3H x 12D WEIGHT 10 lbs(DAMA CERTIFIED)

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